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ProtoPsyche is an action-adventure game that blends together the gameplay elements of Zelda and Metroid in a sci-fi setting. This demo features two short missions. Remember, you're on your own, and danger lurks around every corner, so be careful!

You can follow the development of the game every step of the way on Tumblr here: http://protopsyche.tumblr.com/



Arrow keys: Move / Navigate Inventory

Hold Shift: Open the inventory

Z key: Fire/Charge weapon, equip currently selected weapon / mod

X key: Use / Equip secondary gear (None in this demo)

Experimental Xbox controller support:

Thumbstick/D-Pad: Move / Navigate Inventory

Hold RB: Open the inventory

A button: Fire/Charge weapon, equip weapon or weapon mod in inventory

X button: Use / Equip secondary gear (None in this demo)

Thanks for playing!



psycheDev - Game

Chirimoya - Main Theme

ashot - Character portraits

rockwell - Tiles

sketchyLogic - World / Dungeon Music

Special thanks: frostbyte250

v1.0 Changelog:

  • Initial Release

v.1.5 Changelog:

  • Reduced filesize
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed a bug where snow would continue to fall when pressing ESC + F1 to go to the menu and start the second mission
  • Fixed a bug where some interactive objects would cause the conveyor belts to stop when they weren't supposed to
  • Changed first level's design to better introduce certain gameplay mechanics

v.1.6 Changelog:

  • Added data logs on Ferion to flesh out the lore of the game a little
  • Added a shortcut after the first boss battle for quicker navigation
  • Pressing X on the keyboard or X on an Xbox controller while strafing will allow you to break out of strafe mode and aim in any direction
  • If there is no save, then selecting "Continue" at the title screen makes a "No save file" dialogue appear below instead of immediately going to the first area.
  • Fixed a bug where you could interact with keys to activate the dialogue used for testing the new dialogue engine
  • Fixed the path algorithm of some enemies to keep them from walking to the edge of a screen and teleporting back to their spawn point

Install instructions

To play, double click on the single runtime executable. Enjoy!


ProtoPsyche - Demo v1.6.exe 9 MB


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Cool game, looking forward to the full version! :-)